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Ages & Stages: infancy to 5 - what's typical

Simple guidelines presented by Renee Bock, Chief Academic Officer of Explore+Discover Early Learning Center help parents learn about what's typical with regard to language, small and large motor skills, play, and more. Plus, Renee will share common myths and reveal what's NOT helpful. This topic is often a special concern for parents of twins who will often see differences as their children develop. A little knowledge of the developmental processes and key accomplishments at each stage can reduce stress -- and help you address those pointed questions from your in-laws!

Renee Bock is a dedicated early childhood educator, who is currently the Chief Academic Officer at Explore+Discover, a social learning center in Manhattan that is committed to setting the standard for infant and toddler care and education. Renee has over a decade of experience and a Master’s in Early Childhood Education from Bank Street College. She has three sons, and can be reached at

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