Taking an entrepreneurial leap to improve the fertility process for everyone - FertilityIQ founders Jake and Deb Anderson-Bialis talk to us!

MANY MEMBERS MET married couple (and Premier Club Sponsors) Jake and Deb of FertilityIQ when they joined us at the September 'Getting Into NYC Kindergarten' meeting. Jake and Deb are the founders of FertilityIQ, which they created so that experienced fertility patients can lend their wisdom and perspective to those beginning the process. But Jake and Deb didn't start their company just because it looked like a gap in the marketplace -- which it is -- but because they themselves had what felt to them like a 'seemingly endless and lonely siege' to address their collective fertility challenges.

'We found it was just impossible to know which doctor would work for us,' says Deb, who in three years visited multiple doctors, in multiple states. According to the couple, who are in their early 30s, the online resources to research fertility doctors are woeful, and what may work for friends or co-workers does not necessarily work for others. In the couples eyes, 'friends want to help but they likely have their own fertility histories, medical preferences, schedules, budgets, and temperaments. Choosing a fertility doctor is a very individual thing and there is a ton of nuance to getting this right. And a lot of consequence as well.' According to the couple, over half of fertility patients interview only one doctor and ultimately become dissatisfied with their choice. Since fertility treatments cost the equivalent of two years household savings (CDC, US Census), and deliver an emotional burden on par with suffering from cancer (Harvard), mistakes here can be incredibly painful, both emotionally and financially.

So Deb and Jake left their tech industry jobs (RISE product manager and Sequoia Capital partner, respectively), set up an office in their dining room, working on a whiteboard propped up on their credenza, and created FertilityIQ, a site where fertility patients can anonymously, but thoroughly, review their doctor and clinic. Say Deb, 'With each review, we come to understand who the reviewer is as a person and what their specific experience was with that doctor, that nurse, that billing department and that clinic. Gathering reviews is job number one; for the moment, and is going better than expected to date.' 'The volume and quality of reviews has been spectacular,' according to Jake, 'because like us, people who have gone through this nightmare want to make it easier for whomever goes next.' In that respect, they are very much aligned with the MTC member ethos!

The couple is waiting to amass a few hundred reviews in each city so that FertilityIQ is robust, comprehensive, balanced and trustworthy. Thereafter, hopeful parents will be able to visit the site and, says Deb, know what it is like to be patient of every single fertility doctor and clinic in the city and be able to sort reviews based on diagnosis (e.g. PCOS, endometriosis), treatment type (e.g. IUI, IVF, 3rd party reproduction), age and other criteria . According to Deb, 'we have built the infrastructure and sunk our own time and money into making this spectacular, now all we need are for fertility patients to keep contributing their invaluable reviews.'

If you have been through the fertility process, and want to make it a little less scary for others, join others and contribute your review at FertilityIQ.com. It really will make a difference!