Educational TV Series casting - they train caregivers, don't they?

Yes, we all want well-trained caregivers with expertise in child development... but they aren't born, they're made. (Apologies for the back-to-back movie related allusions...) If you are a NYC family with fraternal twins of over 11 years old, your family might be able to help train the next generation of caregivers. In September, about an hour, flexible schedule, $150.

Pearson Education, the nation’s leading digital education publisher, is currently seeking participants for an educational video series to accompany the upcoming first edition of The Dynamic Child.

The Dynamic Child is a digital program for the college-level child development course that closely integrates robust coverage of core child development concepts, theories, and research with an interactive experience to support experiential learning and critical thinking. This effort is spearheaded by Dr. Frank Manis, Professor of Psychology and Education at the University of Southern California. Dr. Manis is an award-winning teacher and widely-published author in the areas of reading disabilities, literacy, and cognitive functioning in special populations of children.

Who: Mother or father of fraternal twins (either two boys, two girls, or a boy and a girl). The twins can be any age from 12 up. Not infants. In September. $100 compensation. 

Where: Home setting, perhaps seated in a living room chair or at the kitchen table. Not a lot of equipment; small spaces are okay.

What: You'll be asked questions about the twins' personalities, such as: are there any differences in the twins that you feel developed in spite of treating them the same and trying to provide a similar environment? Any differences that you think developed because the twins sought out or motivated you to seek out different environments for them (e.g., one twin begged to be on a sports team and the other begged to play a musical instrument). Are there some similarities between them that you think are due to the particular environment or family values to which they have been exposed? (Footage will only be used for this purpose - see Talent Release.)

This one ISN'T a reality show...

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Julie Tondreau