NYT Well article reports increased head injuries in stroller tumbles

While it isn't clear whether the increase in number of head injuries to babies as a result of stroller and carrier accidents - the increase might just be due to more reporting - it IS clear that stroller and carrier accidents are harming an average of 50 babies a day. The head and the face of the babies take the brunt of the impact, which can cause brain injury in addition to abrasions and bruising.

According to the article, the primary causes for these accidents are adults overloading the strollers, including by dangling items off of handles, causing tip overs, and by not making sure that their children are securely buckled. 

The good news is that strollers and carriers are generally MORE safe than they used to be! 

While it is always good to stay on top of product recalls, WE actually can reduce these injuries by not overloading or dangling iems off stroller handles, and by reminding our children's caregivers about this danger. And don't forget to buckle -- and to regularly make sure that your little darlings have not unbuckled themselves!

(For the full article, read the August 17th Well blog article in the Health section.)