No Surprise for Twin Parents: "Buying Time Promotes Happiness,'' Study Reports

Coming as no surprise to many parents, especially parents of multiples, spending money on time-saving services appears to provide adults around the world with greater happiness and life satisfaction than spending money on material goods.

According to a study recently reported in the NYT, the "time famine of modern life" experienced by people around the world is a primary cause of stress, insomnia, increased anxiety, failure to exercise regularly or eat healthy foods.

So don't buy wine, chocolates or spa services when you feel stressed and pressed for time, the study recommends, buy services (childcare, housekeeping, yard work, etc) instead.* 

* Ed. Note: Or just decide that some things just aren't worth doing, and don't feel guilty not doing them. There are times in one's life when lowering one's standards can actually be optimal.