NYU Langone Medical Center & Hunter College Teen Anxiety Study - Participants Needed!

The MTC is regularly contacted by academics who are doing research related to multiples and/or children/teens/parents.

This week the MTC was contacted by the NYU Langone Medical Center and Hunter College about a  teen anxiety and worry study. Caitlin spoke with him about the study and reviewed the materials that they provided.

They seek teens ages 12 - 14 to participate. Teens need not be multiples, or if they are, it is not required that both teens participate. Participants will receive compensation for their participation.

(Note that they expect to do future studies in the area of Emotional Resilience, which will include similar studies with older teens.)

Feel free to share this opportunity with other parents, even those who don't have multiples.


The Teen Anxiety and Brain (TAB) is looking at how distinct patterns of attention in adolescents ages 12-14 might affect teen anxiety and worry. The study is comprised of two visits that are approximately 1 week apart. 

The first visit is at Hunter College and will last approximately 4 hours long. The second visit is at New York University's Center for Brain Imaging around 2 hours. 

During these visits, the parent and child complete several brief questionnaires relating to their emotions and thoughts. The child also performs computerized tasks. The child has their brain activity measured in the first visit via EEG and in the second visit via MRI.
For participation, the parent receives $75 in total ($50 after the first visit, and $25 after the second visit) and the child receives $125 in total ($50 after the first visit, and $75 after the second visit). 

The parent also receives a letter that summarizes the clinical interview with the child that takes place during the first visit. This is a way for a parent with concerns about their child to learn more. It is also opportunity to for the teenagers themselves to take part in a research process.
They'll be doing this study throughout 2018 and 2019, primarily on weekdays. They understand that work and school schedules can sometimes make those times difficult so they try to allow for the scheduling of some appointments on the evenings and weekends. They want to make sure all have the opportunity to participate.

David Yap
Research Associate, The Emotion Regulation Lab
Department of Psychology
Hunter College, City University of New York
695 Park Avenue, Room 636 Hunter North
New York, NY 10065
Phone: 212-650-3878
Facsimile: 212-650-3931
Website: www.dennis-tiwary.com