"Bed Rest is Bunk" - The Atlantic, August 6th edition

Interesting article about bed rest in The Atlantic's August 6th edition. The author, Lisa Lerer, who herself was prescribed several bed rest hospital stays before the birth of her second (singleton) child, shares her story and explores this frequently prescribed treatment. Around 20% of pregnant women will be on bed rest at some time during their pregnancy - and the shocking fact is that a growing body of actual, clinical research shows that in most cases bed rest isn't beneficial to mothers or their fetuses. And in fact, bed rest, even the lighter 'couch rest' can actually do physical and psychological damage to women that persists long after her baby is born. The actual reason for prescribing bed rest in many cases, she finds, might be because the doctor has reached for magical thinking because he or she has no other medical 'fix' to offer. (More research on pregnancy and its complications is long over due - I was shocked by the statistics that the author provides on how little pregnant women are included in research studies.)

Definitely worth a read.

Oh, and The Atlantic also has a weekly family newsletter on 'the modern family' in all its different forms. I'm sensing a trend (and a likely target market) here...