Conde Nast Shutters Print Mags, Starts #fam

So today I* received an email from Conde Nast, who recently shuttered quite a few print magazines, about #fam, which they say is 'an exploration-filled experiential digital platform paving the path forward for modern families." 

Hmmm. I have mixed reactions to that rather jargon-laden pitch and the accompanying video clip, but I did sign up for the newsletter. 

Because I am an internet/tech industry alum and because of my role with the MTC, I'm very interested in their mix of content & commercialism. I wonder what sort of a path they plan to pave, and who they are paving it for... I'll have to wait and see!

If you want to see their - slightly obnoxious perfectly curated instalife - video or sign up for their newsletter, go to 

If it does provide material of a real value, I'll share that material and share the sign-up link again.

* This post is from the MTC Executive Director. And as you might be able to tell from her somewhat snarky comments, the MTC was not paid/compenstated in any way to promote this.