Casting for African-American twins for Th Sept 17

A Hulu show, starring Hugh Dancy and Aaron Paul is seeking this Thursday, September 17 is casting now for African-American twins (0 - 15 months). Time on set will be very short, according to the casting director and they'll pay $300 or more per child, negotiable. 

Contact Stephanie DeCourcey,, at Central Casting ASAP if you are interested. 

You may feel free to share this with any interested friends. 

We get quite a few of these every week for twins of all ages, even adult, so if you are interested in this kind of thing, check the website news section regularly.

Educational TV Series casting - they train caregivers, don't they?

Yes, we all want well-trained caregivers with expertise in child development... but they aren't born, they're made. (Apologies for the back-to-back movie related allusions...) If you are a NYC family with fraternal twins of over 11 years old, your family might be able to help train the next generation of caregivers. In September, about an hour, flexible schedule, $150.

Pearson Education, the nation’s leading digital education publisher, is currently seeking participants for an educational video series to accompany the upcoming first edition of The Dynamic Child.

The Dynamic Child is a digital program for the college-level child development course that closely integrates robust coverage of core child development concepts, theories, and research with an interactive experience to support experiential learning and critical thinking. This effort is spearheaded by Dr. Frank Manis, Professor of Psychology and Education at the University of Southern California. Dr. Manis is an award-winning teacher and widely-published author in the areas of reading disabilities, literacy, and cognitive functioning in special populations of children.

Who: Mother or father of fraternal twins (either two boys, two girls, or a boy and a girl). The twins can be any age from 12 up. Not infants. In September. $100 compensation. 

Where: Home setting, perhaps seated in a living room chair or at the kitchen table. Not a lot of equipment; small spaces are okay.

What: You'll be asked questions about the twins' personalities, such as: are there any differences in the twins that you feel developed in spite of treating them the same and trying to provide a similar environment? Any differences that you think developed because the twins sought out or motivated you to seek out different environments for them (e.g., one twin begged to be on a sports team and the other begged to play a musical instrument). Are there some similarities between them that you think are due to the particular environment or family values to which they have been exposed? (Footage will only be used for this purpose - see Talent Release.)

This one ISN'T a reality show...

For more info, contact: 

Julie Tondreau

Getting Into NYC kindergarten - the reality series - casting now for October

So we just got the following email from a 'major cable network' who is producing a TV series on... wait for it... Getting into 'prestigious' NYC private pre-schools and kindergartens.

And they are casting this month for production in October (see below for details and contact info). 

Given that our upcoming Sept 16 event on 'Getting into NYC Kindergarten' went to waitlist status in less that one day, we know that NYers are interested in this topic, but we wonder what the rest of the nation will think. (Okay, we admit, we have a pretty good idea what they will think, AND that's why they are shooting a reality tv show...)

In any event, they are casting now and the lucky families chosen will receive free admissions counseling and, of course, TV exposure.

If you're interested... (and let us know if you are cast!)


The toughest admission rates in the country? Not Harvard, but New York City private schools. The application process is of the most stressful times in a parent’s life. 
If you’re a parent looking get your kid(s) into a prestigious private pre-school or kindergarten, we want to hear from you! If your family is chosen to participate in this documentary television series on a major cable network, we’ll pair you up with the top admissions coach in the city!

Please email us ASAP at

Tell us a little about you and your family and make sure to include your name, number and best time to reach you, along with a family photo.


Live the LUSH life this fall - October 4th, 7 - 9p

Our first member's only social event this fall will be a private party on October 4th at LUSH, and it will be so much fun! Join other members for facial masks, hand and arm massages, and make up and hair care product tryouts, featuring those great LUSH products, of course! We'll make our own Bath Bombs, have yummy fresh snacks, and SHOP using the gift cards (apprx. $40 in value; good that evening and beyond) provided as party favors.

We can't wait...

RSVP required. Fee $35. Limited to 12 members. 7 to 9P. Yummy fresh snacks.

If you aren't a member, join now so that you can RSVP!

Multiples due soon? A special September Twiniversity BOGO offer just for you..

Are you expecting multiples soon? Or do you have newborn bundles of joy? There's a special offer just for you!

The Club is pleased to present a 'Buy One, Get One free' offer from Twiniversity for our members who are expecting multiples or who have children under 6 months old.

The first three members who register and pay for the NYC September 15th Twiniversity 101, Part 1 class, will get the second class, Part 2, (on September 17th in NYC) for FREE. The class includes dinner and takes place between 6:30 - 8:30P. Each class normally costs $160 per family (up to two attendees per family).

Twiniversity 101, Part 1, covers everything you need to know BEFORE your bundles of joy are born; Part 2 helps you adjust to life with twins once they have arrived!

Learn more about both courses and the materials and goody bag provided (over $100 value), at Twiniversity.

If you'd like to take advantage of this special offer, email and note that you have offer code MTC5BOGO. Please indicate that you would like to attend the September 17th part 2 session.

Twiniversity founder Natalie Diaz is a long time Club member and volunteer, and a NYC mom of boy/girl twins. We appreciate her support of the Club and its members.

Have a baby monitor? AP reports several top-sellers can be hacked

From an AP story reported in the NYT today:

NEW YORK (AP) — Several of the most popular Internet-connected baby monitors lack basic security features, making them vulnerable to even the most basic hacking attempts, according to a new report from a cybersecurity firm. In addition, a hacked camera could provide access to other Wi-Fi-enabled devices in a person's home, such as a personal computer or security system.

View the story to see what brands were found lacking and recommended steps to take.

The 'internet of things' is not so much fun after all. Sigh.



Manhattan Twins Club (MTC) hosts Alina Adams, NYT best-selling author of "Getting Into NYC Kindergarten."

Manhattan Twins Club (MTC) is proud to host Alina Adams, NYT best-selling author of Getting Into NYC Kindergarten. Adams guides parents step by step and month by month through the secrets of the NYC Kindergarten application process that the Department of Education doesn't want you to know. 

She explains the pros and cons of public, private, charter, gifted, religious and magnet programs, and how to secure the best school for your children, including schools with sibling priority for twins! With Q&A so read the book and get your questions ready!

RSVP required. Light refreshments. Free. MTC Members only -- if you aren't a member, join today! Space is limited so act now! Learn more about the book at

Education events made possible in part by our premier sponsors:

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Save the Date! MTC 2015/2016 Education and Social Program Schedule Coming Soon!

Another great year of MTC education and social programming debuts soon!

With generous support from Premier Sponsors FertilityIQ and Explore Discover Early Learning Centers, we encourage you to SAVE these DATES as we will have more education and social programs than ever before! 

We are planning programs on kindergarten (announced), sleep, early intervention and special services, ages & stages, helping your toddlers thrive and more! We look forward to nights out, both more casual and, a first for us, one or two that are fancy! Plus a holiday party and our usual May Central Park picnic.

More details coming soon, but get ready - SAVE these dates now! 

As always, education programs are for members only, and free; social programs are also for members only but typically require that participants pay a fee (for food, drink, goods, etc.) toward the event cost.

September 16 - Getting Into NYC Kindergarten (FULL - waitlist)
October 4 - A Night at LUSH - Private Party ($)
October 19 - Ages & Stages: Infancy to 5 - what's normal?
November 16 - Putting Mr. Potato Head (tm) to Work: Play Strategies to Support Development
November 30 - Holiday Party (get ready for the season!) ($)
January 18 - Social or Ed Program
February 22 - Social or Ed Program
March 14 - Social or Ed Program
April 18 - Social or Ed Program
May 14 - Central Park Picnic
July 18 - Social

Dates and topics are tentative and subject to change. Typically education programs are held on the third Monday of each month, from 6:30 - 8:30P but do vary to coordinate with holidays and program opportunities. RSVPs are required, and events are limited in size so do respond quickly if you wish to attend. We do keep a wait list, however, and actively confirm attendance by email close to the event for events where there is a wait list.

Thank You to our Premier Sponsors!

Education events made possible in part by our premier sponsors:


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Behind the Scenes at MTC

We've been working behind the scenes this year to make improvements to the services and tools we offer to MTC club members. One of them is this new web site, which extends our outreach to Manhattan families with multiples. Long-time members might have also noticed a few upgrades to the MTC member hub in our BigTent community portal. We'll be adding other new features over time. Stay tuned!

Later this summer we'll be releasing our Fall program schedule, with Parent-Night-Outs, a presentation by a sleep expert, a family get-together, and an end of year holiday party. We'll also be surveying you, our members, so we can continue to create programs and services to meet your needs.